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What is Kizomba? In English!

WTF ist Kizomba?
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Kizomba is a dance and music from Angola. Really? Who gives you this information? Have you check this? Or only copy and paste like the most of the People? I love the truth and knowledge. And to know what I´m talking about. So I have done a lot of researches the last years to find the truth and to became an Kizomba-expert. 
Lets start with my bad english.
Kizomba is Angolan. What Kizomba are you talking about? Kizomba comes from Kimbundu. An old Angolan language. It means party, playing and to be entertained by dancing and having fun mit music. It NEVER was a Dance or a Music till 1980. By doing Kizomba the Angolan dance Semba, Semba do carneval (where the Brasilian Samba cames from), Rebita, Massemba, Charro Chato (where the tarraxinha comes from). But an Music or Dance names Kizomba doesn't exist in Angola. The Kizomba from Kimbundu came from Angola to Portugal at the beginning of the 80s. Because of the terrible Civil war in Angola, a lot of Angolans fled to Portugal. In the 50s the Portugal Gouverment decided to put Angola as an part of Portugal. The Angolans had the status of a Portuguese citizen, called Assimilados. So all Angolan have had the status of on Portuguese citizen, and after founded the EU, they Angolan in Portugal has the status of an European citizen. So in 1980 the Angolan People dance in Lisbon in Clubs and make Partys in his traditional way. The white Portuguese love that, and want to know,what is that, and the Angolan, answer in Kimbundu-meaning and thinking: Kizomba. The white and black (Cape Verde) Portuguese doesn't know animating about Kimbundu and thought, this is the name of the Dance and Music of the Angolan people. So Kizomba naming as an dance and music is Portuguese, not Angolan, born in Lisbon by a misunderstanding. So during the Angolan was MAKING Kizomba and dance to traditional(!) Angolan music in kimbundu thinking and feeling, the white and black portugiese was DANCING Kizomba and listning KIZOMBA MUSIC! Two different ways to think, two different ways to feel and understand Kizomba, two different kultures.
One special Kind of Portuguese is the people of Cape Verde Islands. This people are dark and black too, and they dance the passada. It`s calling also caminhada or corridinha from the Angolans.
This kind of dance, the PASSADA, all the PALOP countries dance in Afrika. The Cape Verdeans don't think and feel in Kimbundu, because they are not Angolan. And they are great musicians. From the Caribbean they have the Zouk. They changed the Music in a Cape Verde Style and call it Zouk Love, later Cabo Love. And then they have had European influences in Portugal with rmb, hipp hopp rapp, house and electronics and more. That create the modern Ghetto Zouk from the Portuguese Cape Verde. The Angolan loves this too, and dance Angolan dancing steps in Lisbon to Cape Verde Music. So you see, if someone asks, is Kizomba angolan, you have to ask, with Kizoma are you meaning?
By MAKING Kizomba, they dance the steps to Portuguese (Cape Cerde) Ghetto Zouk and the Portuguese called it also Kizomba MUSIC. But this is not correctly. Ghetto Zouk is NOT Angolan, its NOT Kizomba. Its Not Kimbundu.
Kizomba is Angolan? Realy? Witch Kizomba do you mean?
Mestre Petchu, who became my friend over time during my researches and learning, he have a Dance-school in Lisbon for African Dances, talks with us in Lisbon 2016. After that all began in Lisbon in the 80s, the people comes to him and ask him to teach Kizomba. He says to the People: I can't teach Kizomba. If you want Kizomba go to the Partys and dance (kimbundu thinking and living!). He can't teach Party. The meaning of angolan Kizomba!
My first Meeting with Mestre Petchu in Lisabon 2016 talking with us about Kizomba on the LIKE-Festival in Portugal.
The Portuguese haven't think in Kimbundu way, and start to teach "Kizomba". The first Semba teacher ever was the Angolan. Of course, but the first "Kizomba"-teacher was the Portugiese, like Kwenda Lima, or Tony Pirata. Then the Angolan starts to wake up. To realize what's going on with the WORD Kizomba. In the meanwhile the Portuguese call Ghetto Zouk Kizomba Music. You see, you can't learn a few Steps and then make Workshops. Kizomba is calling a Dance, but its a kind of living. Its Kumbundu, not only a Dance. To be a Teacher you have to learn the very complicated History of Kizomba. And to be a good dancer is not enough.
Later the Angolan wake up, and starts to teach too and in Angola the DANCE and MUSIK was added to the kimbundu-meaning of this old word. So for the Angolan in Angola nothing really changed in her thinking. When a Angolan, says, Kizomba is Angolan, so its correctly in his Kind of feeling and living.
So Kizomba the Dance and the Music is Angolan, but its NOT from Angola.
Kizomba Dance and Music was Born in Lisbon, but it is NOT Portuguese.
The Portuguese from Cape Verde where the ones who created the modern Kizomba from the Angolan, especially in music, but nobody knows about their strong influence. No one talk about the Cape Verdeians.
Portguese dancing from the Cape Verde.
Check this to understand!

The flag of Cape Verde Islands:

So what is Angolan? What ist Portugese? Or Cape Verdeian?
The modern, european Kizomba is a very special constellation.
Angolans and Portuguese, especially from the Cape Verde Islands, comes Together in Lisbon, like a sperm cell that grabs an egg cell. Something new was born in Lisbon.
No French, No Robots, no Penguins.
And so you know why traditional Kizomba not exist.
It exist only Kizomba.
English Subtitle.
Mestre Petchu is explaining whats going on with Kizomba, and say: Traditional Kizomba doesn't exist.
Now we came to the next stepp. Kizomba spread to the rest of the world and is slaughtered.
The first country was Spain. Albir Rocha, Isabell and Felicien for example. And thus began another change that more and more displaced the Angolan and Lisbon Kizomba. They change it. Albir was a Hipp Hopper. Felicien with his Syncopation-extrem (contratempo), and Isabell makes all other Blind with his sexy moving Body. This was the the birth of Kizomba-Fusion. It moved away from Angola, and also Lisbon. Sarah Lopez makes from the natural Ginga an Pornographic Dance like you see it in the red light districts. In Angola you can dance with mother and daughter. In the “white world” the Ginga changed in to an Sexual signal like "please fuck me, i'm a bitch" in the head of the man. Kizomba was more and more a product to earn Money and get success.
To take France it was easy. Over 1,5 million Portuguese live there. And Angolans as Assimilados from Portugal can travel all over Europe. But now we have to take a look to the Music, the Ghetto Zouk. During the Angolans was at one side happy about that Kizomba grows to take other countries, still sleeping on the other side one time more. The Angolan culture was reduced more and more in the meantime. And in France start the completely killing of that, what have start in Lisbon years ago. To call the Ghetto Zouk Kizomba-Music was the seed of destroying all Angolan, and transform Kizomba to something completely different. Something with 0% Kizomba in point of view from Angolans and Portuguese. The Ghetto Zouk comes more and more Urban! It was Urban Ghetto Zouk. But they called it Urban Kizomba. That is not correct. Ghetto Zouk is NOT Angolan. So how can it be Kizomba? The Urban Ghetto Zouk becomes harder, or mixed with european Electronic Musikstyles. The classic rules and techniques doesn't work with this, what bad informed people called Urban Kizomba. So the French create a completely new Dance-Art to Dance the Urban Ghetto Zouk, called Urban Kizomba. Then the protest of the right Kizomberos grew stronger, more and more waking up. Then they changed to UrbanKiz, trying to stop the protests, but they continue to call it Kizomba. To offer Kizomba with Fake-Kizomba, called Urban Kiz. Kizomba festivals without Kizomba. Kizomba Workshops without Kizomba.
In both meanings. Kimbundu and Lisbon Kizomba.
In France finally the Angolan / Portuguese Kizomba was slaughtered and disassembled to process it for profit.
The Dancer all over the World check this and see the new Chance. Without any education in Kizomba, without any knowledge, never being in Lisbon or Angola, Cape Verde Islands, calling him self Kizomba dancer and Kizomba teacher. Because UrbanKiz have no rules, no definition. You can Dance what you wan't. You can Play what you want if it have the Ghetto Zouk groundbeat. So You find now UrbanKiz Dancers, who call it Kizomba, all over the World.
And it doesn't matter where Enah and Curtis come from. People, who betray their own culture, their own people, their own family for money, are around the world. How else can dictators remain in power?

We and Mestre Petchu 2018:

Hier a message from Mestre Petchu for the World:
Comunicado Importante para os Kizombeiros
" Important announcement to Kizombeiros " Português and my Tribal Inglês" Here not for you come fight in my Mural Please"
Friends of the "Urban Kiz" with all Respect, asked you, to stop to tell the world where you will teach, what you dance Kizomba is, and that she belongs to France Country !!! dont put more confusion the people like this beatifull dance,
Here is my suggestion about the Name for Your Style Dance
"Urban Dance Couple" with Roots of Semba and Kizomba, or "Urban Compa Dance" with Roots of Compa and zouk.
Todos ficamos felizes pela Diversidade Cultural do Mundo.
We were all happy for Cultural Diversity World.
"Conselho para os Kizombeiros do Mundo"
Amigos do "Urban Kiz" com todo respeito, pedimo-vos, para pararem de dizer ao Mundo aonde vocês vão ensinar, que o que vocês dançam é Kizomba, e que Ela Pertence a França!!! fica aqui a Sugestão para um Nome para o Vosso Estilo "Urban Dance a Pares" , com Raízes do Semba e da Kizomba, ou "Urban Compa Dance" , com Raízes do Compa e do zouk, uma vez que quem ensina vem do Haiti e Martenique"
Vamos separar, as coisas embora ela com as Raízes de uma Dança de Africa.
"obrigado, Thank you"

A Dança é o Proverbio do Bem-Estar Espiritual. Mp
And the "new dance" Tarraxo is a lie too. It doesn't exist. Its a trick to cheat the people who don't know portuguese.
The People ar cheat by dancers who don't create own names. They stollen it from the Angolan. From the Kimbundu. 
Colonialism 2.0
This Guy here explain in very well what's going on with TARRACHO.

Eddy Vents
10. April · Portland, USA:
This is why there is so much pressure for us to be quiet so people can have the freedom to say and do whatever they want.
No one want to be criticised in public but still people will public and sell workshops with this type of informations on their events.
As long you are or call yourself a teacher you need to be honest and responsible with your students do not just take their money and act like you know it all when in fact you know zero.

TARRAXINHA belong to the verb TARRAXAR


There is a musical genre called Tarraxinha with a dance with same name and we use all others verbs to express everything related to TARRAXINHA.
There was never a new dance created in Portugal called TARRAXÓ (this is actually how you spell it, and this is pure invention), TARRAXINHA IS NOT ANY TRADITIONAL MUSIC OR DANCE.
Please stop inventing and lying to people, please stop keeping the names on any "New Dance" you created and adding the word "Traditional" just because you know nothing and the easier way to get to people is inventing and labeling a dance that already exists.

Students please start making more research about the dance you always proclaim that you love and please start questioning your instructor.
There is so many informations about Tarraxinha, Kizomba or Semba on internet it is just a matter of searching and researching for the real instructors that can help you.
It really sads me to see this beautiful dance being destroyed by people who does not care at all about it but still making profit from it.
It is because of this miseducation, misinformation, disinformation that most of people have no clue about what is Tarraxinha, kizomba or Semba.
Why keeping the name of a dance that clearly you don't like (that's why you change the music and the dance).
It is lack of creativity to find a name?
If you are so creative to change the whole dance why not also the name?
Last but not least
This Screenshot belong to a description of the differences of tarraxinha inside of an event of 4 hours of tarraxinha.

Original Link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1133634413446011&set=a.147837705359025&type=3&theater&ifg=1

So that is the reason that I can offer certified Workshops. But to be an Kizomba-expert means to have a lot of enemies. The people loves lies and liar's. The Truth is not comfortable.
My experience in telling people the truth in Kizomba is: shut up, asshole. But i don't take care of it. The Truth is the Truth.
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